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The Story of Phil Galfond

Phil Galfond has been one of my biggest idols in poker, be it live or online, and I’ve been following his blog since he started it this year. Recently, he posted a lengthy post about how his poker career started. An inspiring read indeed. Do check it out at

One of the main reasons why I admire Galfond is really about how he started out, about how he overcame failures, his discipline, and well his composure while playing poker. Somehow it just feels like there’s a million things going through his mind when playing, but all culminating into making the right moves. Unbelievable. Here are some of my favourite plays by OMGClayAiken!

Made the brilliant call on the flop after Dwan raise-shoved all in. Great thinking, and composure indeed. Btw, love Dwan’s look when Galfond turned over AK, a classic “oops, bluff got caught!” look!

Fantastic fold there. He is basically only losing to 3 hands: Quads, Kings full or AAs. Tough to lay down a full house but well I guess that’s why he’s one of the best!

Epic hand, David vs Goliath as they say, but this time, “David” take a hit! But what I am impressed at is that Galfond is able to lay down big hands. And also his graciousness in losing to Bill Klein, especially when he showed the bluff. Great showmanship indeed!

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